T-Core Ab Workout Machine

T-Core Ab Workout Machine

The T-Core Ab Workout Machine is a new exercise equipment designed for core workouts that will help strengthen and tone the midsection. 

One of the main selling points of the product is that it gets you off the floor so you don’t have to do all those crunches and sit ups in order to get great looking abs.

Instead the T-Core lets you exercise your lower abs, upper abs and the obliques while seated down.Therefore you won’t risk straining your neck, back or shoulders by doing ab exercises that requires you to get on the floor.

There are 2 different versions of the T-Core available. One of them is the T-Core For Men which is specially designed to help guys get abs that are more ripped.

The men’s version features three different levels of progressive resistance. You can switch from 40 lbs to 80 lbs and the maximum of 120 lbs.

The other model is for women, so of course it is called the T-Core For Women. It only features a single level of resistance, which is less than the men’s version since most women aren’t looking to have 6 pack abs. Rather it is for helping ladies get a flatter tummy and that sexy hourglass shaped midsection.

While the two models features different resistance levels and also colors, the exercises you perform with them are the same. It lets you do a seated crunches that will work outs your different abdominal muscles.

To target the upper abdominals, you position the T-Core centered in front of you. For the obliques you slide the T-Core to your left and right side. For the lower abs, you have to lean back and perform a leg raise.

The types of exercises you can do with the T-Core is a bit limited but the product is priced fairly low. Both the T-Core For Men and the T-Core for Women sells for just $29.95 plus the cost of shipping and handling. They both include a bonus workout DVD to show you how the different exercises are performed with the T-Core.

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