DogPedic Sleep System

DogPedic Sleeping System

You get the luxury of sleeping in a comfortable bed, however your dog may not be as lucky. But now they too can have the comfort of a memory foam bed with the DogPedic Sleep System.

DogPedic is the soft and comfortable memory foam bed that is especially designed for pooches. It conforms to your dog’s body and supports their overall weight in order to give them a good night’s rest.…

HealthMaster Fruit and Vegetable Emulsifier


Living Well has introduced a new breakthrough kitchen appliance called the HealthMaster Fruit and Vegetable Emulsifier. It goes beyond just an ordinary blender and can do the jobs of 20 kitchen appliances and perform 31 different kitchen tasks.

You can use HealthMaster as a blender, minichopper, coffee mill and  grinder,  spice mill and grinder, ice cream maker, smoothie maker, milk shake maker, and a whole lot more.…

Cook Pasta In Your Microwave With The Pasta Boat

Pasta Boat

The Pasta Boat is a product that greatly simplifies the tasks of cooking pasta dishes. It is a 5-in-1 pasta cooker that cooks, strains, steams and stores all with just one pot.

Best of all, it allows you to cook perfect pasta right in the microwave so you don’t have to worry about boiling the water yourself, use multiple pots, getting the temperature right, or getting the timing right.…

YuDu Screen Printing System

YuDu Screen Printing System

If you are you tired of the high markups you have to pay for a small quantity promotional items and wish you can do it yourself at home then the YuDu Screen Printing System might just be the solution for you.

It is the world’s first ever, all-in-one professional tabletop screen printing system that gives you an entire screen-printing factory right at home. You can design and print your own t-shirts, bags and a whole …

Protect Your House With A Home Security System

Home Security System

With over 2.3 million burglaries being committed every year it is important that your home and your family is well protected. The recent recession has also lead to an increase in break-ins in many cities.

One easy solution to protect your house is installing a home security system, so you can sleep soundly at night and have piece of mind when you are away on vacation.…

End Nuisance Dog Barking With the BarkOff


Are there times where you wish you can stop your dog from barking but no matter how many times you tell them, they don’t seem to listen? A company has developed a simple and easy to use solution for stopping nuisance barking with the BarkOff.

It is a small and compact training aid that uses ultrasonic signals to stop barking. If you want your pet to be quiet, you just switch on …

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