Twist Your Way Into Shape With the Ab Doer Twist

Ab Doer Twist

The Ab Doer Twist is an exercise equipment that is putting a whole new twist for getting into shape, so to speak. The original Ab Doer have sold millions of units worldwide and now it has been redesigned and improved with the Ad Doer Twist.

At first glance it has an appearance of a chair. You use it by sitting down on it and performing a variety of muscle toning and aerobic exercises that incorporates a twisting motion.

What is unique about the Ab Doer Twist is the design that allows you to do muscle toning and aerobic training at the same time and from a seated position. The key to the product is the 360-degree twisting action that lets you target all the different sides of the midsection. This includes all sides of your abdominals, obliques and mid to lower back area.

The twisting motion helps burn off excess fat from the abdominal area and obliques and at the same time also gives your thighs, hips, and buns a workout. The resistance of the Ab Doer Twist can be adjusted with a dial. By increasing resistance you can give your muscles a more intense workout and burn off more fat.

A benefit of the Ab Doer Twist is that you don’t have to get down on the floor and strain your neck, or kneel down and compress your knee caps in order to get into shape. You can do effective exercises while sitting down and with less strain. The core support column and contoured arm bars help support you and make sure you are in the perfect position to achieve maximum results.

The Ab Doer Twist has been awarded the Seal of Approval from the National Health & Wellness Organization. It is endorsed by numerous health professionals and also former Olympic Gold Medalist, Summer Sanders, who won 4 gold medals in 1992 for swimming.

The construction of the Ab Doer Twist is made with  gym-quality, heavy-gauge steel. Plus there are multiple resistance options that you can increase as you get into better shape. It is also designed to be easily assembled.

The retail cost of the Ab Doer Twist is $199.80 and comes with free shipping. There is also a trial option available that lets you test it first in home for 30 days risk free. You just have to by pay just $14.95 and if you decided to keep it after the 30 day period, you make 4 montly payments of $49.95.

Aside from the Ab Doer Twist machine, you also get a Quick Start Guide, Accelerated Results Guide, Healthy Eating Plan Guide, an Intrusctional DVD, and 3 Workout DVDs, with your order.

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  1. Claire says:

    I love mine. It is a great way to work out your core muscles.

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