Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer

Butterball Turkey Fryer

Thanksgiving is almost here and that means it is time for turkey. Most families cook turkey the old fashion way in the oven. However that usually takes a while.

There is a faster and better way to cook your turkey available with a product from Butterball, a name that has been long trusted for delicious turkeys. It is an eletric turkey fyrer called the Butterball Turkey Fryer.

Pawggles Slippers


You’ve probably heard of the Pillow Pets and perhaps also the Happy Nappers by now. They are the stuffed animals which can turn into a full sized pillow for kids to rest on.

Well now there is a new competing product called the Pawggles. But instead of turning into a pillow, they turn into cozy slippers kids can actually wear instead.

Nue Science Cell Revival

Nue Science Cell Revival

The Nue Science Cell Revival skin care system is a new clinically proven solution for helping treat and prevent different signs of aging skin.

This skin care system was created by Lovely Laban, ARNP, MSN and a renowned skincare practitioner in Santa Monica, CA. She is one of the leading authorities in the fields of cosmetic dermatology and aesthetics.

The Aluma Wallet

Aluma Wallet

These days many new credit cards comes with an RFID chip installed on it. It is there for convenience since the card only has to be close to a reader to process a transaction and doesn’t have to be swiped.

However this has lead to a new method used in credit card theft. Thieves would use a RFID scanner which could scan the credit card inside a person’s wallet to steal their credit card information.

Grow Your Own Blueberries With Little Giant Blueberries

Little Giant Blueberries

Blueberries are not only delicious but are also high in nutritional value and one of the healthiest fruits around. However, buying them from the market can often be expensive and they also perish quickly.

An alternative solution is to grow your own blueberries at home with the Little Giant Blueberries plant. These plants grow jumbo sized blueberries and can produce as much as 16,000 blueberries each.

Tower 200 & Weider X-Factor Door Gyms

Weider X Factor Door Gym

Many people today do not have enough time to go the gym due to their busy schedule. Other’s though may simply be too lazy to regularly drive to a gym in order to workout.

Recently there have been quite a few advertisements on TV for door gym solutions. These products provide an affordable way to stay in shape at home and without taking too much space.

T-Core Ab Workout Machine

T-Core Ab Workout Machine

The T-Core Ab Workout Machine is a new exercise equipment designed for core workouts that will help strengthen and tone the midsection. 

One of the main selling points of the product is that it gets you off the floor so you don’t have to do all those crunches and sit ups in order to get great looking abs.

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